Tunes of the month – #1

Tunes of the week 30/10/2016

Raito – Moondance

Really digging this tune by Raito! It´s an awesome blend of techno & breakbeat sounds which instantly gets the rave going. The track is released on his ´Moondance EP´, which is definitely worth checking out.

Awesome 3 – Don’t Go (Kick’s Like A Mule Mix)

The track is dating back to 1992, but it’s still banging today! Heard this track in Berlin when I was clubbing with friends, and I was immediately sold. That feel-good piano riff combined with those bassy breakbeats, love it 🙂

Aprés – Prophet

Instant goosebumps when I play this one, the melody and the energetic piano really take me to cloud nine. Awesome stuff!

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