My story

About me

My name is Lex, you may also know me as Bold Action. I am a dude from the Netherlands with a huge passion for electronic music, who dreams of living on the dancefloor.  My music can be marked by a techno-like sound with a rough edge, often accompanied with moving chord progressions.

Why I make music

I love to make music. In all forms and genres.  Making music helps me unwind after a long day, it gives my emotions a place. It helps me through hard times, and it takes me even higher when things are going well. When I make music I try to translate my mood and feelings of that specific moment into the mix. In this way the emotions are permanently captured into a track which I can share with the world. A track which makes people dance, a track which makes people smile, or a track that gets people thinking.

It doesn’t matter how different we might be, in the end we are all human with our ups and downs. And us humans have one thing in common: our love for music. I put my music out there so it can support other people when they go through periods in life similar to mine. It can sometimes be a bit scary because music is so personal, but it’s an amazing feeling when something you created really resonates with other people.  And this, this amazing feeling, is what motivates me to keep making music as long as I possibly can.