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My debut album: what to expect?

Background stories 14/12/2016

The album I’m working on will really tell a story. It’s one of the most personal things I’ve ever done. I can tell you my sound has gone a lot deeper and more emotive, but still packs that good old punchy low-end.  All the tracks I’ve made (or will make in the near future) are […]

Tunes of the month – #1

Tunes of the week 30/10/2016

Raito – Moondance Really digging this tune by Raito! It´s an awesome blend of techno & breakbeat sounds which instantly gets the rave going. The track is released on his ´Moondance EP´, which is definitely worth checking out. Awesome 3 – Don’t Go (Kick’s Like A Mule Mix) The track is dating back to 1992, […]

Why I do what I do

Background stories 27/10/2016

Why I make music I love to make music. In all forms and genres.  Making music helps me unwind after a long day, it gives my emotions a place. It helps me through hard times, and it takes me even higher when things are going well. When I make music I try to translate my […]

Background story – Driving Bassline

Background stories 27/10/2016

When I started working on ‘Driving Bassline’ – it’s been a long time coming – I had just discovered the hypnotizing world of techno. Techno music really takes you on a journey, with deep kicks and rhythmic elements that keep on progressing throughout a track. It really inspired me, and with these vibes in my […]